A leadership journey that let’s you get to know yourself better and also connects you with a network of like-minded people across the globe…

A leadership journey that enables you to increase your understanding of your impact on others and also creates opportunities for you to have an impact with others in communities and across the globe…

A leadership journey where you develop qualities and capabilities that support you in the future and also enable your business or organisation to support a future for others

The opportunity for nine leaders and a Global Leadership Fellow to meet for a half day once a month to create this journey and…

You have a Table of Ten

This unique and profound leadership experience is designed for leaders who want to:

  •  explore the personal commitments, challenges and opportunities they experience as well as gaining insight and understanding (in confidence) from 8 other leaders
  • better understand their own impact in their role as a leader and the effect this has on others, their organisations and  the communities in which they operate and serve
  • appreciate the strength and influence of their current formal and informal networks and understand  how to expand these globally
  • make conscious choices and mindful practices that increase their emotional health levels, and
  • build sustainable leadership qualities and capabilities that lead to business success.

Our Approach

One of our experienced and recognised Global Leadership Fellows facilitates the “Table of Ten”, offering:

  • One full day Leadership Retreat and 8 x half-day “Tables of Ten” over nine months of the year
  • 360° feedback for each leader using the Global Leadership Profile and the creation of a Leadership  Development Plan based on the results
  • Leading edge engagement and involvement in leadership and business practices that challenge and inspire new thinking, connection and action
  • 1.5 hours of individual coaching per month for each leader (for nine months) supporting ongoing development as well as business challenges and opportunities
  • the opportunity to connect with peers and leaders across the world through globally facilitated Tables of Ten
  • the connection to a global alumni engaging in collaborative and across business, regions and country projects and conversations.

Leading Edge Business Practice

Whilst the content of each session will be designed with the specific “Table of Ten” in mind, it is anticipated that leaders will explore and strengthen capability in areas such as Emotional Health and Vertical Development, “Above the Line” leadership, dealing with ambiguity, strategic “listening”, mindfulness, authenticity and resilience.  This is achieved through peer to peer interaction, experiences and conversations and individual and peer coaching with application encouraged back in the working environment and to their life in general.

Alongside this is exposure to leading edge business practice – where the focus in on using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world and generate a shared and long lasting prosperity for all.  Understanding and measuring the impact of your business and how you can leverage this is as critical as understanding your impact as a leader.  As a certified B Corp, Global Leadership Foundation is positioned to support and connect you to projects, practices and partners across the globe who are making a difference.

Who is it for?

Leaders from the private, community, not for profit, government (federal, state and local), philanthropic, B Corps and entrepreneurial sectors, who have a desire to better understand themselves and the impact they have as well as wanting to connect with other like minded leaders across the globe to make a difference to their organisations, the communities in which they operate and serve and for others across the planet.

The most important criteria is that each person wants to learn, develop and contribute.


Each participant contributes $10,000 excl. GST for the 9 months (around the equivalent of paying for 2 x 2 hour Executive coaching sessions per month).  We are also able to offer opportunities to make scheduled payments over the year on a three monthly ($3700 excl. GST per 3 months) or monthly ($1350 excl. GST x 9 months) basis.

Your investment covers the cost of all 9 face to face sessions, the Global Leadership Profile (360 Feedback), Interpretation Guide and Leadership Development Plan, 9 x 1.5 hour individual coaching sessions and all materials.  You will also have the opportunity to connect with other leaders across the globe through “virtual” Tables of Ten (at no additional cost) facilitated by the Co-Founders of Global Leadership Foundation as well as join an important and influential global alumni.


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