About Gayle Hardie

Gayle is internationally recognised for her capability, enthusiasm and experience in the world of leadership and organisation transformation. She currently works with boards and senior leaders all over the world in a range of areas, including: transformational leadership and change in individuals and organisations, strategic planning and development, emotional health and leadership resilience, leading through facilitating, strengthening collaboration, and board and executive mentoring and coaching.

Emotional health in a time of global crisis

One of the gifts of our work is that we are able to spend time in countries all over the world, both directly or through our network of Global Fellows. For instance, Malcolm and I recently returned from running workshops in Denmark, which included participants from Brazil and Iran, and we will soon return to [...]

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Always amazed at the impact

Malcolm and Gayle are recently returned from a trip to Denmark where they ran their 'Enneagram Immersion' and 'Development Paths to Building Emotional Health' workshops. The participants in both workshops came from Europe and the UK and as far away as Brazil. We are constantly amazed at the impact these workshops can have, and the [...]

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A reflection on 2019

As we come to the end of another year, it feels timely and important to reflect on the work and impact of Global Leadership Foundation in raising the emotional health levels of people across the planet. There are always interesting conversations with our friends, Fellows and clients when it comes to what we mean by [...]

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What can we do together that we can’t do apart?

We have recently come to the conclusion of another two Tables of Ten, bringing to over 30 the number of leaders engaged in this process over the past three years. The question that heads this blog post is one that is explored over the nine months each group is together. At first glance, it may [...]

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A growing sense of inclusion

Last Saturday, along with many other Australians and probably many others from across the world, I watched the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final. It is a celebrated day – with fans walking the streets in their football colours, plenty of backyard barbeques, lots of cheering (and booing) and strong opinions about umpires, players and [...]

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Vulnerability and leadership: what steps can we take?

In my last blog post, I explored the impact that being vulnerable has on becoming a more authentic, compassionate and effective leader. I also identified that one of the greatest challenges to this is to shed the ‘protective coatings’ or coping strategies that shield us from the experience of being out of control, feeling ashamed or [...]

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Vulnerability and leadership

One only has to look at the current thinking and work around vulnerability and leadership to appreciate the impact that being vulnerable has in becoming a more authentic, compassionate and effective leader. A strong contributor to this field is researcher and author Brene Brown. In her book Dare to Lead she says, ‘vulnerability is the [...]

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Connecting to my inner observer

I have been travelling in the USA over the past week on my way to my high school reunion in Springfield, Vermont. Since I arrived I've been very conscious of some differences in perspectives and approaches around me. Two examples are the arrivals and security processes at airports and the strength of opinions that exist [...]

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Raising the bar of human consciousness

After meeting Saara Sabbagh, founding director of Benevolence Australia a few years ago it quickly became clear that we shared many of the same values – particularly around the need to, as she describes it, ‘raise the bar of human consciousness’. We have since been privileged to work with Saara and her organisation on strategic [...]

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When an organisation lives what it believes

In November last year, Malcolm Lazenby and I had the privilege of travelling to Frutillar, Chile to join more than 700 people from over 20 countries at was described as the ‘largest and most ambitious constellation of events’ in the history of the B Corp movement: Encuentro+B. To be in the space with so many [...]

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