Philanthropic and Pro-Bono Support

Global Leadership Foundation leads by example in its stewardship role, providing pro-bono and low-bono support to a number of community programs and non-profit organisations. We believe strongly in sharing our resources and knowledge – as volunteers, facilitators, mentors and more – with a diverse range of important projects and causes that have limited access to funding.

Some examples of organisations that have benefited directly from this support include:

acfGlobal Leadership Foundation also directs its profits into a tax-deductible fund that is held and managed by Australian Communities Foundation, a highly regarded organisation that aims to “inspire and enable accessible philanthropy to build healthy resilient communities and positive social change”. Through this fund, we select and generously contribute to community programs and non-profit organisations in a structured and secure manner.

We encourage our clients, colleagues and contacts with an interest in the philanthropic work we do to consider a donation. All contributors not only benefit by helping with this important charitable work, but they also receive the financial advantages of giving to a tax-deductible fund.

Please contact us for more information or donate directly into our ‘Global Leadership Fund’ (MM046 or ME045).