Leadership begins with understanding ourselves and recognising our potential. This involves learning about our preferences and styles and the way in which this impacts on all aspects of our lives, particularly in the way we work with and lead others.

 Global Leadership Foundation encourages leaders to acknowledge and explore their own authenticity, as well as understand and appreciate the differences of others.

Our leadership development programs and experiences focus on:

  • identifying one’s own personal meaning, purpose and passion and translating this into working with, inspiring and encouraging others
  • building the capability to lead others, including an awareness of leadership style preferences and how they impact on others, as well as developing the skills and capability to facilitate and work with a variety of groups
  • increasing the capability to achieve outstanding results through others.

Leaders are also encouraged to look at what they and their enterprises and communities do and find innovative ways to ensure that the skills, knowledge and ideas they have are shared with and transferred to others. This means they lead by example, through engaging and involving others to achieve success and share the skills they hold, rather than relying on others or have others rely on them.

The Enneagram is often used to support the leader’s journey of self-awareness and personal transformation. There are nine different Enneagram types, each representing nine distinct ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Our work also explores the emotional health levels associated with all types, the effect these have on the way the individual responds and reacts and how this impacts on others.

Much of what we do in the area of self-realisation is conducted within a coaching environment. Our philosophy with executive coaching is to support and assist each individual to strengthen their capability to lead, adapt and continue to achieve during the many changes they experience. This is conducted in a safe, confidential and challenging environment with an emphasis on partnership and business success.