In our latest Global Connections newsletter, I wanted to revisit a sentiment expressed in a blog post a few years ago. It seems appropriate at a time of such heightened caution.

Experience tells me that the gift of spontaneity lights up the hearts of others. Being spontaneous can be as simple as letting someone know you care when they least expect it or thanking someone for just being in your life rather than waiting to thank them for something they have actually done.

Spontaneity is also about trusting your instinct and intuition and taking the chance. It is making a choice without the deep rationalising that often occurs prior to taking the step. How many of us have noticed that when we finally decide that we are ready to move forward, the moment has passed?

I have found that if I recognise my spontaneous action or language as a ‘gift’ to another, the judgment around whether is it appropriate or not lessens and the risk in taking the opportunity to give increases. When given in that spirit it has the potential to delight.


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