What we can do together that we can’t do apart?

Alice Springs – the heart of Australia – was the setting for the inaugural B Corp Champions Retreat for Australia/New Zealand from May 3rd to 5th 2017. Over 118 people – including one of B Lab’s founders, Bart Houlahan and B Lab partners from across the globe – came together to explore the question “What we can do together [...]

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Where in the world are Gayle and Malcolm?

This month has turned out to be one of significant travel for Gayle and Malcolm. It started with that trip to Central Australia for the B Corp Champions Retreat and Spirit of Leadership experience. They returned to Melbourne briefly before heading to Europe where they will work with local Global Leadership Fellows to host 'Taste of Tables [...]

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Tables of Ten: Making a Difference Across the World

From May 2017, Malcolm and I, along with our Global Leadership Fellows, have started bringing together networks of like-minded leaders to collectively make a difference across the world. We’re doing this through our global initative: ‘Tables of Ten’. At a time of widespread disconnect, lack of inclusion, separatism, competition and greed, we are inviting authentic and [...]

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Enneagram cards now to order online

We're very pleased to be able to make our Enneagram cards available for purchase via our website. We've recently created a self-guided instruction booklet to go with the cards, which enables anyone to take themselves through the process of self discovery that our Enneagram cards offer. We've also created a foldout map featuring a large enneagram [...]

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Benefits of cultural due diligence

We've recently been working with a very profitable organisation that is now ‘on the market’. In preparing for the sale process, the business is organising itself in the usual way – clarifying assets, revenue, profitability, etc. – to assist potential purchasers with their financial due diligence. However this organisation is going a step further. They [...]

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Global Collaboration workshops for 2017

Over the past few years we have taken the opportunity to offer some amazing leading-edge learning and development opportunities facilitated by our Fellows and friends. Given the ongoing interest and encouragement we have received to continue these, we have identified four dates and four topics in 2017 for our Global Collaborations to continue. The first [...]

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Rising above difficult situations

In our conversations with others about the concept of the ‘line of choice’, we often describe ‘below the line’ as a place we go to in order to stay or feel safe in difficult situations. Let’s look at an example to further explain this. Imagine a colleague at work comes up to you in a [...]

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Creating a great team culture

Building a strong team culture, with teams at all levels of an organisation that are collaborative and focused, is important for ongoing success. Teams whose members also see themselves as mutually accountable for the results they achieve tend to provide each other with the support needed to achieve this. With a whole new year ahead [...]

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A new opportunity for Meagan

By now many of you will have heard the both exciting and sad news that our Business Manager Meagan Williams is leaving us for a new opportunity as Two Feet Program Manager with The Difference Incubator – a social enterprise consultancy based in Melbourne. We are so proud of what Meagan has contributed both to [...]

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B Corp Spirit of Leadership Experience

This coming May, B Corps from around Australia will come together in the centre of Australia to reinvigorate their mission of using business as a force for good. The first Champions Retreat to be held in Australia will take place in Alice Springs from May 3 to May 5, 2017. Immediately afterwards, we’ll be running [...]

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