Counting down to Antarctica

It has been a year since my first post about my Homeward Bound experience. Now, with just over a month to go until we begin our trip to Antarctica, I have started to picture what it is going to look like when we first approach the Antarctic Peninsula. I am told nothing can really prepare [...]

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A growing sense of inclusion

Last Saturday, along with many other Australians and probably many others from across the world, I watched the AFL (Australian Football League) Grand Final. It is a celebrated day – with fans walking the streets in their football colours, plenty of backyard barbeques, lots of cheering (and booing) and strong opinions about umpires, players and [...]

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Vulnerability and leadership: what steps can we take?

In my last blog post, I explored the impact that being vulnerable has on becoming a more authentic, compassionate and effective leader. I also identified that one of the greatest challenges to this is to shed the ‘protective coatings’ or coping strategies that shield us from the experience of being out of control, feeling ashamed or [...]

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Vulnerability and leadership

One only has to look at the current thinking and work around vulnerability and leadership to appreciate the impact that being vulnerable has in becoming a more authentic, compassionate and effective leader. A strong contributor to this field is researcher and author Brene Brown. In her book Dare to Lead she says, ‘vulnerability is the [...]

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On the environment, you can make a difference too

This month we are featuring a new blog post by environmentalist and marine scientist Gillian Starling. Gillian has contributed a number of posts to our website already this year as she takes part in #HB4, the fourth Homeward Bound program for women working in STEMM. Gillian was selected to be one of 100 women from [...]

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Connecting to my inner observer

I have been travelling in the USA over the past week on my way to my high school reunion in Springfield, Vermont. Since I arrived I've been very conscious of some differences in perspectives and approaches around me. Two examples are the arrivals and security processes at airports and the strength of opinions that exist [...]

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The story of our new book

In case you missed it in last week’s Global Connections, last month Gayle and I were very pleased to introduce our new book, Working with Emotional Health and the Enneagram, to the world. At the recent International Enneagram Association China conference in Hong Kong – our first chance to share our book – Jerry Wagner [...]

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Raising the bar of human consciousness

After meeting Saara Sabbagh, founding director of Benevolence Australia a few years ago it quickly became clear that we shared many of the same values – particularly around the need to, as she describes it, ‘raise the bar of human consciousness’. We have since been privileged to work with Saara and her organisation on strategic [...]

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The drive for change

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in Kenya. It was experiencing the wonders of Africa as a child that ultimately drove my passion for nature and led me to choose to study marine biology and zoology at university. Not long after graduating, I started to understand some of the many human-created threats to [...]

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When an organisation lives what it believes

In November last year, Malcolm Lazenby and I had the privilege of travelling to Frutillar, Chile to join more than 700 people from over 20 countries at was described as the ‘largest and most ambitious constellation of events’ in the history of the B Corp movement: Encuentro+B. To be in the space with so many [...]

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