On reflection – waving the magic wand

It is interesting to look back on the year that has been 2017 and reflect on the content of the blog posts we have shared over this time. When I did just that, what was unexpected was the emergence of an underlying theme in all of them around making conscious choices to affect who you [...]

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Social business

Social business is a new business paradigm. But when is business acting socially? Are the moral obligations of business changing? Does it mean beefing up existing corporate responsibility departments, or is it something entirely new? This is the topic that Gayle and three other speakers were invited to explore at the Australian Business in Europe [...]

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Finding your voice

I’ve been reflecting a lot about the #MeToo campaign that has developed over the past few weeks on social media. In case you missed it, the campaign started after a tweet from American actress Alyssa Milano who asked any woman who has been sexually harassed or assaulted to change their ‘status’ to ‘Me too’. That [...]

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Did you receive our recent newsletter?

In case you missed the most recent issue of our monthly newsletter, Global Connections, on email, you can read it here. In this edition, we share our experiences of the IEA Enneagram Europe Conference in Finland and the B Corp Champions Retreat in Toronto. We also offer you the opportunity to join us for our [...]

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The missing ingredient in the average work day

This month we welcome guest blogger in Mark Waller, one of our Community Fellows*. Mark is Station Maintenance Superintendent at AGL Loy Yang. He has 31 years’ heavy industrial experience, with interests including improving his leadership effectiveness via increased emotional health, mentoring people, reading and overseas travel adventures. Each evening, after another unrelenting day’s work, my fiancée Janice [...]

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‘Best for the World’ in 2017

We are pleased and honoured to let you know that we have once again been included on B Lab's annual 'Best for the World' list, recognising our contribution towards "a world in which all people enjoy high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose; safe and neighborly communities that enrich our families; and a healthy environment for [...]

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Caring leadership – it is not an oxymoron

It is so interesting to see the world of leadership engaging with the word ‘caring’. Finally the importance of building and strengthening genuine and supportive relationships is being recognised as integral to effective leadership. What is valuable in exploring this amazing quality is recognition that caring comes in a variety of forms. It is so [...]

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‘Opening Doors’: Inner East Social Inclusion Community Leadership Program

Gayle recently co-facilitated the first three-day retreat for 'Opening Doors', a six-month community leadership program focussed on social inclusion. During the retreat, participants were asked to share their thoughts and ideas regarding social inclusion and community leadership and what it meant to them. The following is a story one of the groups created and we [...]

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Enneagram ‘Immersion’: come and join us

As many readers will know, the majority of the work that Global Leadership Foundation does is conducted with organisations – businesses, government and not-for-profits. After many requests from participants and others in the Global Leadership community, Gayle and Malcolm have been encouraged to host and co-facilitate a public Enneagram Immersion program in October this year. [...]

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The art of listening and thinking

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably become reasonably familiar with one of the key concepts associated with emotional health: the notion of the automated response. You’ll understand that one of the keys to improved emotional health is the ability to catch your automated responses before they happen, instead responding in [...]

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