Tables of Ten in Melbourne 2018

Our Melbourne Tables of Ten 2018 group began connecting in February 2018 at Streat in Collingwood. Travelling from as far as Adelaide, Castlemaine and Traralgon and as close as Brunswick, this diverse group of nine leaders, along with Global Leadership Foundation co-founder Gayle Hardie, all bring insight, inspiration and incredible diversity to the table. The three [...]

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Spirit of Leadership Experience: Dates for 2018

Our next 'Spirit of Leadership' Leadership experience will take place from September 7 to 10. This three-day journey into the desert in Central Australia will challenge your beliefs, enhance your resilience and creativity and help you lead a healthier professional and personal life. Executive coach and Global Fellow Sue Gregory and traditional medicine man Frank [...]

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Ginger Lapid-Bogna in Melbourne next month

Our colleague Ginger Lapid-Bogda will deliver two of her popular programs in Melbourne next month. The four-day intensive 'Being in Essence' program will run from May 21 to 24 (details here) and a three-day special event 'The Art of Typing' will run from May 26 to 28 (details here). Both are recognised certificate programs. Ginger [...]

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Gayle interviewed for ‘Leaders Speak’ series

Sonali D'Silva is an Adelaide-based leadership development professional whose purpose is to enable leaders to develop skills that can help cultivate a culture of inclusion, connectedness and belonging. She works and speaks regularly on embracing diversity and equality in organisational leadership. As part of her practice, she has produced a number of videos including a [...]

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Feeling included

For the past 10 years, I have had the honour of being part of the team facilitating the ‘Opening Doors’ Social Inclusion Community Leadership Program. Running over six months each year, it provides leadership development to around 20 community members from Melbourne’s east and south-east who are passionate about working towards a more socially inclusive [...]

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Culture change: See it, Own it, Do it

We are privileged to work with many organisations that are changing their cultures to support their purpose and direction. It is rewarding to be part of the team supporting an organisation’s people to develop a picture of what they want, and then to build the behaviours, symbols and systems that will enable that picture to [...]

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Leading in a new economy

February is B Corp Month. It’s an opportunity to better understand the movement of private companies that use their business as a ‘force for good’ – a feature of moving towards a new economy. For those of you who are familiar with Global Leadership Foundation, it won’t come as a surprise to know that back [...]

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On reflection – waving the magic wand

It is interesting to look back on the year that has been 2017 and reflect on the content of the blog posts we have shared over this time. When I did just that, what was unexpected was the emergence of an underlying theme in all of them around making conscious choices to affect who you [...]

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Social business

Social business is a new business paradigm. But when is business acting socially? Are the moral obligations of business changing? Does it mean beefing up existing corporate responsibility departments, or is it something entirely new? This is the topic that Gayle and three other speakers were invited to explore at the Australian Business in Europe [...]

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