Emotional health is the answer

This month we feature another guest post, this time from Tim Giles. Tim has been a social worker for 11 years. After a chance encounter working with men who had had contact with the criminal justice system, he has spent his career working with this population in various leadership and clinical roles. Five years ago Tim had the [...]

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Gillian Starling is creating change

Eight years ago I met Gayle and Malcolm in the Solomon Islands on one of Global Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Experiences. It was one of my early introductions to leadership development, and also to the work that Global Leadership Foundation undertakes. More recently, they encouraged me to apply for a place on the Homeward Bound program. The [...]

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2018, I will remember you

This month we feature a guest post from Alicia Kennedy. Alicia is a participant in the 2018 Melbourne Table of Ten. Having worked as a veterinarian for thirty years, Alicia was acutely aware there was a growing need for a community-centred veterinary service that provided special support for senior clients. So, in 2015 she founded Cherished Pets, [...]

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The search for healthier political leadership

Two months ago I wrote about how the lack of emotional health in our current political leadership – in particular in parliament itself – was keeping me awake at night. As if to emphasise that below-the-line behaviours aren’t restricted to the chambers, in the period since then we have seen yet another sitting prime minister [...]

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Enter ‘artful leadership’

This month we welcome a guest post from our colleague and collaborator Kim Lisson. Kim is a ‘late onset artist’ (a writer) and the Principal Consultant at Karrak Consulting. After 30 years in the leadership development field, he has finally realised artists are his tribe and he’s enjoying making and sharing the now-so-very-obvious links between [...]

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Becoming healthy as an alternative to losing weight

No, I haven’t suddenly become a fitness guru with tips and techniques for the month ahead. What I want to do in this article is highlight something that has become more apparent to me lately and that is all about our use of words and what that creates in our life. I would like you [...]

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Why culture change is rarely straightforward

As one financial institution after another is finding itself embarrassed by the current Royal Commission into the sector in Australia, we hear a lot of commitment to ‘changing the culture’ in the future. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that these large banks and investment firms will find culture change far more difficult than they make out. As [...]

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Business in the doughnut economy

It’s easy to intuitively understand why being a certified B Corp– a business that has demonstrated its ability to be a force for good – is a ‘good’ thing to be. What is perhaps less obvious is that B Corp-like values are much more than a ‘nice to have’. They are essential to the future [...]

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