Global Leadership Foundation is recognised for its significant contribution to the development of transformational leadership programs within the private, professional, community and public sectors.

We work with executives, board members and managers in these sectors to help develop and transform them into capable, empathic and effective leaders.

Our work includes:

  • mentoring senior leaders in the planning, development and sponsorship of leadership programs
  • facilitating, planning and implementation support in the area of strategic direction, planning and structural review. This includes mentoring and supporting Boards as they review their strategic plans and performance
  • supporting organisation renewal and cultural transformation – an innovative and collaborative approach to organisation change that has made a difference at all levels of government, as well as in the private, not-for-profit and professional sectors
  • building leadership capacity within the team environment – specifically working with “teams at the top” and acknowledging the dilemma of needing to meet organisational expectations at a divisional or partner level, as well as needing to collaborate and work together across the organisation to achieve success
  • building leadership brand that enables leaders to distinguish the strengths they have, what they want to be known for and how they want to operate in the world of work
  • contributing to and engaging leaders in a number of ecologically and community-based leadership programs and experiences, which includes volunteering, facilitating, coaching and mentoring roles.
  • coaching and mentoring board members and senior executives across Australia and globally
  • developing and facilitating specific programs to meet an identified need at an organization or community level. For example, Achieving Results Through Others recognises the critical role leaders play in engaging and enabling others to achieve success. It also allows leaders to better understand facilitation, the learning styles of participants, group dynamics and how to get the best from people in any situation

Many of these unique approaches to leadership and culture integrate the Enneagram – an important tool for understanding what drives and motivates individuals, teams, organisations and cultures.

Global Leadership Foundation is recognised for translating the Enneagram into business applications. We are often invited to share our knowledge with clients and at conferences across Australia and overseas.