Development paths to building emotional health – Denmark

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A focus on psychological and somatic development using the Enneagram

Given the complexity of human personality, it is not surprising that there are numerous perspectives we can draw on to support us in our journey of self-discovery and vertical development.

Moving up the emotional health levels cannot be achieved by simply ‘thinking’ about doing so. Central to increasing our emotional health are:

  • developing our ‘inner observer’ to become increasingly aware of our automated responses and their impact on others
  • understanding how we respond and react in different circumstances such as being stressed or feeling secure or not having our needs met
  • consciously choosing and taking development paths that move us towards lower self-centeredness, a high degree of behavioural freedom and, in turn, whole body thinking and presence.

There are fundamentally two pathways of development that support this: the psychological and the somatic.

This workshop, facilitated by Malcolm Lazenby and Gayle Hardie, covers both aspects, along with the ‘imbalance of the centres’ which provides a connection between these two pathways.

Diving deeply into the relationships between the three centres and each of the Enneagram types, we explore how these change with emotional health levels and how we can use this knowledge to refine our development paths.

It is assumed that participants attending this two-day live-in workshop have previously attended the three-day Enneagram Immersion program or otherwise have prior knowledge and experience in the world of emotional health and the Enneagram.

For full details including pricing and registration, please visit the event website here. A 20% early bird discount applies until December 1.