Global Leadership Foundation carries out its work across the globe with a dynamic and diverse group of people.


As the co-founders of Global Leadership Foundation, Gayle Hardie and Malcolm Lazenby are passionate about and committed to making a positive difference to people, organisations and communities – both locally and globally.

Along with their enthusiasm, they each bring over 30 years of experience and internationally recognised expertise in developing, strengthening and transforming individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

Gayle and Malcolm’s work on the emotional health levels of leaders and their “translation” of the Enneagram into practical and tangible business applications are recognised across the globe as both innovative and groundbreaking.

Gayle and Malcolm are also committed to continuing their own professional and personal development as leaders and use their insights from this to strengthen and enhance the work they do with others.

gayleGayle Hardie

Gayle is internationally recognised for her capability, enthusiasm and experience in the world of leadership and organisation transformation.

She currently works with boards and senior leaders all over the world in a range of areas, including: transformational leadership and change in individuals and organisations, strategic planning and development, emotional health and leadership resilience, leading through facilitating, strengthening collaboration, and board and executive mentoring and coaching.

Gayle is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She provides coaching and mentoring to members of this organisation. Among other achievements, Gayle is a fellow and former board member of Leadership Victoria and is a recipient of the Business and Professional Women’s Community Leadership Award.

malcolmMalcolm Lazenby

Malcolm is internationally recognised for his success in creating innovative approaches to engaging individuals, organisations and communities in transformational change.

His significant experience and pioneering approaches in emotional intelligence and emotional health levels in Australia are acknowledged globally and he continues to support, develop and transform leaders and their organisations through this work.

Malcolm is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He holds degrees in education and human resources. His reputation in the coaching and mentoring of senior leaders to achieve both their business and personal goals has been built on the significant success of those he has supported.

Global Leadership Fellows

Our Fellows are passionate about making a positive difference through the work they do. They are recognised by their clients and peers for the contributions they make to individuals, organisations and communities worldwide.

Each of our Fellows bring significant expertise and practical experience in the world of leadership development, strategy, executive mentoring and coaching and culture change.


Chris Clarkphotosidebar

Chris is passionate about supporting and challenging organisations, leaders and people to be the very best that they can be. She is an insightful strategic thinker, is process orientated and brings a high level of openness, integrity and respect into her role as a consultant, executive coach and facilitator. Chris has a strong focus on leading and managing the human dynamics of change.

Chris has a background in the public sector, service and manufacturing industries that extends over 30 years. Her studies include managing change in large organisations at MIT Boston and an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy through Gestalt Therapy Australia.

Cathy Duvel2012-12-13_GLF_headshots_copyright_David_Brewster_2012-12-13_4870_DJB_rights_reserved _full size

Committed to collaborating with organisations to develop environments and cultures that promote healthy and constructive individual and team work, Cathy brings over 20 years experience as a Management Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach.

Blending many tools and modalities, Cathy builds customized programs to deliver results for organisations and her client base spans across a broad sector of corporate and not-for-profit businesses.

Cathy is valued for her contribution as a member of the global Time To Think Faculty and the work she does in developing people’s ability for empathy, independent thinking and creative problem solving.

Devon Buncedevon-bunce-round

Devon enjoys working in a space that is the meeting ground for ideas, diversity of thought and the multiverse.  With her background as a Kaospilot and intern at Global Leadership Foundation, she is no stranger to the magic of bringing people together to reflect about the self, working with others and working with the world.  She believes in the transformative power of listening and liminal thinking.  Her curiosity about facilitation, collaboration, systems thinking and philosophy have led her to the role she spends most of her time in now, graphic facilitation, where she finds herself taking comfort in the simplicity of complexity.

joyJoy Gillies

Joy brings over 25 years management consulting experience across sector, geographic and cultural boundaries to help drive meaningful and sustainable change for people in complex and competitive workplaces.

She is passionate about cutting through the corporate “noise” to help leaders and their teams find pragmatic solutions to previously intractable problems, while securing belief in themselves, appreciation for each other and excitement about future possibilities.

She specialises in strategic planning, organisation development and change, and executive coaching.

Mark Grant  markgrant

Mark has worked with individuals, teams and whole organisations and their professional development for sixteen years. His work is grounded in practical experience, having spent over twenty years in merchant and investment banking roles (with six years at chief executive level.) He combines this deep business experience with contemporary leadership development thinking and his psychotherapeutic training in his work.

He partners with his clients in a way that is both personal and professional such that both the outcome and the process of reaching that outcome are rich learning experiences and generate sustained and meaningful development.

With program design informed by appropriate discovery, Mark’s work is experiential and conversational. At the heart of Mark’s design philosophy is the belief that we organise our experience in habitual ways and if we are able to bring those ways into our awareness, in a safe and trustworthy environment, then meaningful change can take place.

Mark has a Bachelor of Economics (La Trobe University) a Graduate Diploma Counselling and Human Services (La Trobe University) and an Advanced Diploma of Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Therapy Australia.)

Sue Gregory2013-12-03_Sue_Gregory_DJB_rights_reserved_

Sue is celebrated for her ability to reawaken spirit in the workplace and create passion and zest that gets results. As the director of Healthy Outlook, she transforms individuals and organisations, helping them to achieve peak performance, focus and harmony, with clearly demonstrable and long-lasting results.

Known as a corporate alchemist, Sue’s blue-chip client list throughout Australia and overseas is an eloquent testimony to her skills. She achieves consistent, sustainable results for individuals and groups in diverse industries. Sue is a leader, coach and facilitator, practiced both in the art of healing and in leading. She is passionate about the wisdom that indigenous people have to teach us about the modern world.

petePete Hodgson

Pete has 10 years experience transforming individual and organisational performance. He often deals with complex issues within government and private organisations.

Pete incorporates his love of the great outdoors into all the work he does, even in the most urban spaces. He firmly adheres to the axiom “change your environment change the way you think”. Pete’s use of this methodology creates fantastic results for people transformation and for working process transformation.

Chris Koturchris-kotur

Chris draws on her distinguished career as chief executive, pro-vice chancellor, council and board member, director and trustee and extensive leadership and management development at Harvard University to develop leaders who seek to improve the lives of others.

Chris is a gifted facilitator and presenter specialising in governance, strategy and leadership development. Chris facilitated community consultations for the Bushfires Royal Commission, Flood Review and the 2013 Harrietville fires.

Chris is the inaugural Leadership Victoria Leader In Residence.

Monique LonghurstMonique Longhurst

Monique is recognised for her genuine, energizing and approachable style, and relates to people at a number of levels. She possesses an innate ability to empower others to discover and value their uniqueness and strengths, and to actively take charge of their future.

Monique is a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach with over 15 years experience in corporate consulting and strategic and operational HR. She partners with a diverse range of clients within the public and private sectors, specialising in leadership development and capability, organisational development, leading and managing change, team dynamics and executive coaching.

Her focus is empowering people through change and developing authentic leaders. Her adaptive communication style and ability to genuinely connect with others and build trust with senior leaders has proven powerful in her roles as an adviser to boards and executive management through to the acting as the implementer at the line level.

Monique holds qualifications in psychology and management and certifications in a number of coaching modalities including NLP, mBIT, The Leadership Circle and Talent Dynamics.

mary-maddockMary Maddock

When people engage with Mary, a positive shift occurs. Based on where you are now and where you want to be, her philosophy is to focus on opening up possibility and potential.

Working with individuals, groups, organisations and communities, Mary guides change through a process that empowers people to find a pathway to better solutions, and she builds ownership and commitment in decision making to support action and implementation.

Her passion is in crafting environments that support creative and courageous conversations enable individuals and groups to think for themselves and realise their vision.

Ramon MarmolejosRamon Marmolejos

Ramon is a learning designer, facilitator and strategy consultant with a passion for developing people and organisations. He has a passion for his purpose: to help people, teams and organisations build the capability to become fuller and more vibrant versions of themselves, so they can constantly transform and have a positive impact in the world.

For over 15 years, Ramon has worked with executive teams and leaders at multinational companies, global third sector organisations and top universities around the world. Ramon’s focus has been on delivering transformational human capital strategy, leadership development, organisational change, inclusive workplaces and design thinking alongside leaders tackling the toughest issues of our time: education, diversity, health care, energy and environmental sustainability.

Ramon is a founder of Emzingo, a social enterprise that provides immersive leadership experiences for young talent all over the world. He is also a director for Alkimia Learning, a learning design company looking to help organisations make learning that matters and transforms.

Chris Powerprofile01

Chris Power is an insightful consultant, coach and facilitator.  She has extensive experience working with executive and leadership teams, multi disciplinary and operational teams focusing on team and individual leadership development, strategy, individual performance and collaborative culture alignment.

Chris is recognised for her pragmatic and often courageous approach, commercial experience and her ability to challenge teams and individuals in a positive way resulting in higher levels of clarity and performance at a team and individual level.  She brings humour and positive energy to every interaction.

Chris has worked across a broad range of industries from FMCG, telecommunications, banking and finance, infrastructure, pharmaceutical to corporate real estate, design and construction.

Margareth Thomas
Margareth Thomas

Margareth is the founder of MAD Consulting – Making A Difference, an organisational development (OD) practice specialised in leadership development, organisational transformation and executive coaching. Margareth is a thought leader in OD and has played lead roles in large-scale organisational transformation for the past nineteen years, developing and successfully executing culture, leadership development, organisational design, complex change and talent management strategies to build thriving workforces and boost organisational effectiveness.

Her international and diverse background was gained in executive HR and OD roles across private, not for profit and public sectors. Margareth’s leadership capability has seen her build and develop high performing and diverse teams in both emerging and developed markets. She is a talented leadership mentor and coach. Margareth holds a Bachelor of Psychology and post-graduate degrees in Business Administration and Human Resources amongst other qualifications.

Simone van der Kallen (Yip)Simone Yip

Simone supports people to become courageously authentic through greater self-awareness and by taking personal responsibility for the choices they make and the impact they have professionally and personally. Simone works with individuals and teams to build honest relationships that support and inspire others to strive a little higher, to ignite passion, to foster integrity, respect and to mindfully focus on business success.

Simone draws on her experience from owning and running an award winning business in the advertising industry coupled with her passion for organisational development and individual growth. Simone holds qualifications in various coaching modalities, Social Science, Counseling, Management, NLP, Enneagram and Mindfulness.

Simone is passionate about creating a journey of positive transformation for individuals and teams that provides a pathway to being creative about possibilities and taking action.

Meagan Williams MWilliams1013_0028

Meagan’s enthusiasm, passion for learning and development and the desire for global social and environmental sustainability is a valuable asset to Global Leadership Foundation. Meagan was previously the Business Manager with Global Leadership Foundation and now works with The Difference Incubator.

Meagan holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and is currently studying a Grad. Cert in Social Impact at Swinburne University. She has studied the Enneagram and group facilitation and is a certified mBIT coach, Time to Think facilitator, MEWS and The Leadership Circle consultant. She has a passion for languages, diversity, community development, the environment, music and travel. Meagan is passionate about diversity, social cohesion and community development and launched and led The Welcome Dinner Project in Melbourne for two years.

North America

Karen JackeKaren_Jacke_Head Crop

Karen has 30 years experience developing leaders as an executive, consultant, trainer and coach. She’s worked for many organisations, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. She is best known for facilitating clearly articulated strategy, fostering effective executive teamwork and transforming managers into inspiring organisational leaders.

Recent passions include the neuroscience of leadership, the Enneagram, leveraging the power of narrative and hiking the Red Rock of Utah and Arizona.


Sari AjankoSari

Sari Ajanko, PCC, is one of Finland’s first ICF-certified, PCC-level coaches (Professional Certified Coach) who loves coaching individuals, teams and groups as well as mentor-coaching other professionals. She’s a trainer of coaching skills and network partner of the Business Coaching Institute in Finland and a certified Enneagram teacher ETNT (Palmer-Daniels). In addition to using the Enneagram in business since 2009 Sari trains and coaches Enneagram professionals in the Narrative Tradition in Finland together with Leila Valtonen.

Sari’s background is primarily in hospitality management, with almost 15 years experience in leadership positions, 12 years with a global corporation. She holds certifications in various models and processes, including coaching, supervision, and as a NLP Trainer.

Today in her own company Diversitas Oy (Ltd) Sari is passionate about developing self-awareness of leaders and supporting her clients to lead ‘multiplicity’ – the challenge and joy of different personalities – in the workplace. She loves most of all to use the Enneagram to engage her clients (both individuals and teams) in exciting journeys aimed at helping them utilise their best potential as leaders to unleash their team’s best potential and flow.

Sari speaks Finnish and fluent English.

benteBente Boe

Bente brings more than 25 years of experience with training/facilitating, consulting, coaching and development of individuals, groups and organisations – in both the public and private industry and educational system.

Bente’s passion is to inspire and motivate people and organisations to transform through higher levels of development. She aims to bring them to a point where they live an authentic and conscious life in balance with their physical, social, mental and spiritual needs.

Her inspiring energy, compassion, trust and unfailing belief in that all human beings possess unique skills has over the years inspired many people to do things they did not believe they were able to do.

Jim GrantJim Grant

Jim offers his clients insights gleaned from 35 years of commercial aviation operations as an airline transport pilot and executive in the industry. His executive coaching and consulting business for leaders and their teams and organisations focuses on finding solutions, developing resilience and fully utilizing the intelligence of the mind, emotions and intuition. Jim’s life and work are deeply rooted in Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and practices. The Integral Coaching™ acuity, aligned with Global Leadership Foundation’s ethics and principles, are the catalysts he offers clients seeking sustainable change.

Jim works with his partner Sari Ajanko, and as professionally trained and accredited coaches, they co-design and offer specialized mentoring resources highlighting partnerships and teamwork through highly innovative somatic practices. Foundational to their approach is helping people recognize how their behaviour patterns and styles impact others, and how learning to let go of rigid mental structures liberates their quantum thinking.

Jim holds certifications as an Integral Master Coach™, (PCC – International Coach Federation), as WholeBody Focusing Trainer, and Enneagram Teacher. He is also an ardent reader, musician and he enjoys long nature walks.

Cecilia Alwin Mattssoncissi1

Cecilia is an experienced leader and has been busy the last 20 years in sales and marketing, in different positions, companies and with and without staff liability. Since 2013 she is a facilitator, consultant, lecturer and coach and help groups, individuals and organisations to develop and better understand the human driving force for better communication and understanding of each other.

Cecilia is passionate about bringing people to insights, helping them to develop as a way of helping their business to develop. Since 2009 she also teaches the Enneagram in Sweden to both private persons as in corporations.

Cecilia is also a mentor for young people with different nationalities to enter the job market.

Marina Mele

Based in Milan, Marina is a freelance soft-skills coach and counsellor. She came to this work after many successful years as a marketing and sales director in multinational insurance companies and as the managing director of two international service companies. Her experience has confirmed her belief that the real strength of a team or of a company lies in its people. In addition to being good at listening to people carefully and deeply, Marina is thoroughly committed to helping them achieve success.

Marina has three Masters degrees: one in education and development of human resources; one in counselling, specialising in orientation for professional rules (AT Berne); and one in executive business coaching (she is a full member of WABC, Coaching by Values and AOEC systemic team coaching). She has written two books: Enneagramma e Fiori di Bach (‘Enneagram and Bach Flowers Remedies’) and Management olistico e la costruzione del sé in età adulta (‘Holistic Management and the Construction of One’s Inner Self in Adulthood’).

Marina is currently the president of EWMD Milan and teaches business coaching and the Enneagram. She is also an EIBN Senior Member, a CCI France/Italy mentor and an IEA Global professional member.

Marina speaks English and Italian.


Stingo ChanStingo Chan

Stingo had over 20 years of designing and facilitating change management, leadership, team effectiveness and engagement programs for multi-national corporations in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America. He is known for his energy, authenticity, deep values and conviction in his facilitation.

Stingo brings his wealth of experience from various disciplines and has a passion in combining Emotional Health, Enneagram, Parenting and Playback Theatre to work with leaders in organizations, parents in families and teens in schools.

Stingo also provides Executive Coaching with senior executives in corporations and professional advice to leaders of various associations, institutions as well as non-profit organizations.

Middle East

Delbar NiroushakDelbar Niroushak

Delbar Niroushak is the Director of N.T.I. and co-founder of Business Coaching in Iran. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is recognised for what she has accomplished in the development and assessment of behavioural competencies with organisation leaders. Delbar has trained and coached in human resources for more than 15 years with a focus on behavioural change in quality management along with talent management and recognition in organisations.

Delbar continues to conduct research while also working as an Enneagram Professional Trainer and expert in behavioural development. She is the only affiliate of the International Enneagram Association in Iran. Holding a number of significant certifications and memberships, Delbar is also a professional trainer on women’s empowerment skills in the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO. She also provides coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurs and organisations in balancing home and work.


Administration team

Steph square

Stephanie Ireland – Business Manager

Global Leadership Foundation has been fortunate to have Stephanie with us for a number of years, first as our executive assistant and now as our business manager. Working for many years with senior executives in large corporate consulting firms, Stephanie brings a wealth of experience in office management, administration, bookkeeping and event management and is a friendly first point of contact for our colleagues and clients. She also processes the Global Leadership Profiles. She loves spending time with her two young children, cooking, travelling and gardening.