Global Leadership Profile – Online introduction and certification program 2020

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A 4-session online certification program during November and December 2020

Enabling leaders to realise their full potential through focusing on vertical development and increasing their emotional health

Traditional leadership programs generally offer development that is ‘horizontal’, with leaders focusing on building useful competencies and skills.

The dilemma with these programs is that without the necessary ‘vertical’ development, that is, understanding the way in which they lead and engage others and the resulting impact, leaders remain stuck in what they do and nothing changes in their leadership effectiveness.

Global leadership profileJoin Global Leadership Foundation for a 4-session online certification program that looks at what it takes for leaders to break through the current ways they think, feel and act, and how they adapt and apply what they have learnt to their world of work.

As a result of attending the program, you will:

  • build capability and expertise in understanding and applying the various tools and techniques associated with ‘emotionally healthy leadership’
  • be able to facilitate programs for use within your organisation or with clients
  • be able to offer your organisation or clients the opportunity to complete a Global Leadership Profile using our secure, online service
  • be certified to use the Global Leadership Profile and be supported as part of a global team in the application and facilitation of emotionally healthy leadership.

For full details of the program, please download our PDF brochure here.

Investment: AUS$700 plus GST

This event takes place online over a number of one-on-one sessions plus four group sessions. The group sessions will run on the following dates:

Session 1: Wednesday, 4 November (3 hours)

Session 2: Wednesday, 11 November (2 hours)

Session 3: Wednesday, 25 November (2 hours)

Session 4: Thursday, 10 December (3 hours)

Each session will commence at:

  • 5:00 pm Melbourne time (AEDT)
  • 2:00 pm Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen China and Hong Kong
  • 7:00 am Southern Europe
  • 8:00 am Northern Europe and Cyprus

To check session start times in your location, please visit this page.

For a full description of the program and its structure, please download the program brochure here.

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