Hong Kong is a special place and we are always inspired by the enthusiasm for and engagement in learning of those who joined us in our workshops there in June.  The opportunity to share our insights and experience on Emotionally Healthy Leadership was provided by Eunice Chen through Paragon Culture with over 45 people attending a 3 hour workshop.  We explored the whole idea of “vertical development” and how you can move up the emotional health levels through identifying “how you want to be” (intent) and then “embodying” that quality in how you feel – both physically and emotionally.

We also spent a day with 20 clients and colleagues of our Hong Kong Fellow – Stingo Chan, using our Global Leadership Profile and Interpretation Guide to better understand each person’s current leadership strengths and emotional health levels and recognise what is needed to support and develop these.  This included work in all 3 centres –  body, heart and head and creating an ongoing development plan to continue to “lead above the line”.  We were privileged to work with such a wonderful group of people and are so pleased to have Stingo with us as part of the Global Leadership team of fellows.