Leadership involves engaging and enabling others to achieve success. Making a difference in any group, organisation or community relies on the collaboration of individuals.

Engaging others to achieve this level of collaboration is rapidly becoming a core capability for anyone who seeks to create opportunities for others to fully participate in and make sound decisions, particularly at a board and community level. We encourage and support leaders to work together with others to achieve results.

Global Leadership Foundation also works with individuals and community organisations to support them in the development of Community Leadership Programs that reflect the needs and aspirations of those who are involved and generate active participation.

Today, there is also significant focus on the governance of community organisations, with the roles of the board and organisation becoming more separate and discrete. Enabling this transition requires capable and empathic handling at board and management levels of both the issues and the people involved. Global Leadership Foundation is recognised for providing the support that these organisations need to establish and strengthen effective not-for-profit boards.