May 2018 turned out to be the month of ‘many things to do’ with our co-founders Gayle and Malcolm travelling to Hong Kong to connect with Global Fellow Sting Chan and spend time with several of his colleagues and clients. Then it was onto Finland to support our Global Fellows Sari Ajanko and Jim Grant in hosting ‘A Taste of Tables of Ten’.

We are pleased to announce that the first Finnish Table of Ten will commence in September 2018. We are delighted to have met several of the Table members and encourage anyone in this amazing part of Europe to express their interest before all the places are filled.

It was then on to Amsterdam to participate in the International Enneagram Association Europe Conference. We always make the effort to attend this conference. There is a genuine interest from both participants and presenters in engaging in the sessions offered and continuing to explore and learn from each other. What was exciting this year was to experience reconnection to the holistic approach of the Enneagram, rather than being ‘stuck’ in the typology, which is only one facet of this important system.

Gayle and Malcolm have also been invited to China in August this year to present a two-and-a-half day public workshop in Beijing. The topic will be Strategic Leadership and will focus on strategic listening, dealing with ambiguity and strategic influencing. We rarely do public workshops so this is a wonderful opportunity to have been offered.

We will also be involved in the inaugural forum for the Leadership Centre, Beijing. The Centre was established by our esteemed colleague Godric Qiu, supported by Stingo Chan. This is an exciting step in our global collaboration to raise the emotional health levels of leaders across the planet.