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Take time to enhance your well-being and increase presence in your life.

Who is it for?

glf-byron-1Anyone in a role where you are “counted on” to create, shape, initiate, develop, mentor, enable, encourage, implement, and lead by example as well as achieve great outcomes for yourself, your organization or community and others.


Our Invitation

Cathy Duvel and Gayle Hardie invite you to join them “On the Balcony” at Rising Phoenix Retreat, close to Byron Bay for 3 days of relaxed and mindful practices that reconnect and revitalise your three centres – Body, Heart and Head – ultimately enhancing your well-being and increasing presence in your life. Whilst we intuitively know that we need to take time to rebalance and rejuvenate in order to remain emotionally healthy, it can be difficult to find time in our world of work to do this. Not being able to create the space and finding simple techniques to use and practice can also impact on our ability to “make it happen”.

Our Focus

Day One – The Body Centre “The Quality of Sensing
Day Two – The Heart Centre “The Quality of Connecting
Day One – The Head Centre “The Quality of Thinking

Your Investment

Arriving at Lunchtime on Thursday 3rd November for a 2.30pm start and departing at Lunchtime on Sunday 6th November, you will pay $1500 plus GST – which includes all meals and accommodation. If you are prepared to pay the full amount on registration, you will be entitled to an Early Bird discount of $220. You can also pay half the full amount now and half later as another payment option.

We also encourage you to take some time in the Byron region before or after our time together – whether that is on the beach, in the rainforest, having a massage or simply sitting on a verandah appreciating what is around you.

These 3 days offer you the opportunity to build lasting self-awareness, insight and effective techniques that can be used in a variety of settings to enhance your well-being and increase presence.

Day One – Body (The quality of sensing)
We work with our “gut knowing” or “instinct” to strengthen our connection to what we need at the time, rather than rationalize it away. We practice being grounded through somatic (body) techniques and practices and spend time in the beautiful Byron surrounds.

Day Two – Heart (The quality of connecting)
We work with our “intuition” to build and strengthen our connection to our own needs and those of others. We also work with the qualities of appreciation and generative attention as ways to connect and relate and include practices that cultivate compassion and gratitude.

Day Three – Head (The quality of thinking)
We work with our “insight” to bring our “best thinking” to a situation rather than responding or reacting to what we assume or perceive. We explore the components that create a supportive “thinking” environment and come to appreciate that we generally have the answers for the problems or situations we face.

Register Your Interest

For more information, please call Cathy on 0400 231 200 or email us at

Registration closes on Friday 21st October, 2016 with 12 places available in total

About Cathy and Gayle

Cathy is the Director of About Learning, a Process Oriented Psychotherapist, Faculty Member for Time To Think and a Fellow of Global Leadership Foundation. She has been teaching the Thinking Environment, Enneagram and Emotional Health levels for the past nine years nationally and internationally. She also brings with her extensive knowledge and experience in Holistic Wellbeing.

Gayle is the Co-Founder of Global Leadership Foundation and co-author of The Emotionally Healthy Leader. She has a strong connection, experience and interest in the three centres through her work with emotional health, the Enneagram and Enneamotion. She is also an accredited mBrain Coach, using the innate intelligence of all three centres to generate wiser decision-making.


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