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“Solutions to technical problems lie in the head and solving them requires intellect and logic. Solutions to adaptive problems lie in the stomach and the heart, and rely on changing people’s beliefs, habits, ways of working or ways of life.” 

Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky ‘When Leadership Spells Danger’


Coaching Beyond Neuroscience is a highly effective science-based certification that builds your capability to coach in the increasingly complex and volatile business environment of adaptive problems by accessing the innate wisdom of the head, heart and gut brains: evolving, aligning and future-proofing people and organisations.

We are pleased to invite you to the mBIT Coach Certification for Fellows & Friends of Global Leadership Foundation.

The program includes:download (7)

– 4 full day workshops from 19-22nd January from 9:00am-6:00pm daily at the Assembly Hall at Boyd 207 City Road, Southbank.
– Two follow-up group integration sessions: 3-5pm, 24th February & 4th May
– A 1:1 individual Skype coaching during March & April
mBIT Coach Certification is accredited by the ICF for 24.5 CCEU points

Your investment in this programme will be $1595 + GST. This is a special rate offered for fellows and friends of Global Leadership Foundation. A deposit of $500 is asked to secure your place.

Multiple Brain Integration Certification—with a business and organisational focus

This certification provides techniques that align the intelligences of your head, heart and gut as a new way of approaching the vital leadership and organisational skills of coaching and developing others. By tapping into and integrating the intelligences of all three neural networks or brains you generate new levels of consciousness and wisdom.

What are mBIT and mBraining?

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques or mBIT introduces a whole new field of behavioural change techniques and frameworks for living life and leading others with greater wisdom and authenticity. It is based on the study of over 600 scientific research papers, cross-referenced through behavioural modelling. It aligns with many esoteric and ancient spiritual practices.

What are the multiple brains or intelligences?

Neuroscience shows head, heart and gut each have independent brains. Each of the brains has its own unique prime functions and highest expression. The head’s highest expression is creativity and innovation; the heart’s is care and compassion; the gut’s is courageous action.

Why is mBIT essential today?

When people have the ability to consciously and appropriately use the intelligence of each brain they are capable of making wiser choices to seize the opportunities and meet challenges of today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.

mBIT was developed by Australians Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka. Marvin is recognised as a world leader in his field of behaviour change technologies. Grant has advanced degrees and expertise in psychology, applied physics and computing, and expertise in NLP and behavioural modelling.

You will receive your own copy of their book mBraining—using your multiple brains to do cool stuff at the workshop.

You will learn how to …

1. Coach people to access their innate intelligences for wiser choices and decision making by applying the mBIT foundational sequence.
2. Facilitate a healthy, resourceful emotional state in yourself and others by using a science-based breathing technique. A resourceful state is a pre-requisite for effective mBraining.
3. Recognise and interpret the different language patterns of your three intelligences.
4. Read the signals from others using neural syntax mapping to explicitly reveal whether their three brains are working together or conflicting with each other.
5. Actively educate your head, heart and gut brains for greater intuition and better decisions by stimulating the growth of new neural pathways.
6. Harness the innate intelligence and generative wisdom of each brain by aligning all three through the process of mBraining.
7. Work with the core competency framework to diagnose unresourceful states in self and others, and know how to return to balance for optimal functioning.
8. Recognise and overcome Neural Integration Blocks that prevent alignment of the three brains.

Additional knowledge

1. How neuroscience has shown you have three brains, and validated ancient wisdom teachings and practices.
2. Why lack of integration and alignment between brains causes stress, tension and can lead to poor decisions.
3. What the nine prime functions of your head, heart and gut brains are and how each provides a different ability and talent.
4. How each of the three brains is best used and how to align them, through their highest expressions, to generate wiser choices and decisions.

How will your existing knowledge and experience fit with this programme?

For you to gain the most from the programme you will need to have a reasonable level of competence and capability in relating to and coaching people. The following will also be advantageous :

– An understanding of a coaching approach, structure and process (lightly held, as you will make quantum leaps from traditional coaching practices).
– You are empathetic.
– The ability to notice your own emotions, reactions and responses, particularly with respect to sensing such things as ‘gut instinct’ and emotional cues from the heart.
– The ability to observe and interpret body language.
– Exposure to or training in NLP.

What people say about mBraining and mBIT Certified Coach Training

I’m very impressed with the work of Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka on the competencies of the brains in the heart and gut and the application of this to leadership. Their action research findings and models are fascinating and advance the work my co-authors and I wrote about in ‘Head, Heart & Guts: How the World’s Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders’. – Dr David Dotlich, author, ‘Head, Heart & Guts’

“I now use mBIT and breathing with all my NLP clients. I teach the breathing now as a pre-requisite to every session. It makes such a different to my clients’ state. From a balanced ANS almost any-thing is possible. Fabulous.” – MC, Coach

mBraining is an intriguing and profound book. The research on the three brains is now compelling and the authors do a masterful job of integrating this research in a practical approach you can start implementing immediately. I’m very grateful for the work

[of] mBraining because it will help people understand the power of integrating their head, heart and gut brains to enhance every aspect of their life.” – Bruce Cryer, author, ‘From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance

Why do this certification now?

– Massively boost your coaching effectiveness by facilitating all three of your client’s intelligences—get great results for them, and great satisfaction for you.
Streamline your coaching to gain deeper and more generative results for your clients and team members.
– Have you ever had clients or team members wrestling with con-tinued indecisiveness and ongoing unresolved issues? Then mBIT coaching will help you help them move on.
Do you ever experience people struggling with internal conflicts between their head-based thoughts, their gut-based instinct and their heart-based emotions? You will now have an effective way of helping change these limiting behaviours.
– Gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of mBIT Coaches who are working internationally together to bring evolutionary change to the world.
Become a thought leader and contributor in this newly emerging and exciting field of transformational coaching.

About your facilitator and guest

Sally-Anne Cotton, Founder, Executive Alchemist, Melbourne, Australia

Sally-Anne’s passion is partnering with leaders and their teams to create values-driven cultures where people thrive, not just survive, and where engagement and accountability translate into high performance. She has worked in Australia and Internationally as an executive coach and facilitator with organisations such as Telstra Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank, Suncorp, Myer, Melbourne University, Westpac and the Public Service.

In doing this, she draws on a number of leading edge tools and methodologies to optimise results for clients supporting them in being more congruent and aligned in their lives, able to mindfully harness the generative wisdom accessible through mBraining and mBIT. Even conversationally in an informal setting it is extremely powerful as one conversation recently attested: “In just five minutes you have helped me resolve an issue that has kept me awake at night for the past four weeks! Amazing!” She finds that mBIT integrates with and complements most coaching approaches and delivers fast, sustainable change for her clients.

Sally-Anne is an NLP Master Practitioner, mBIT Coach Trainer, Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainer and Cultural Transformation Tools Trainer. Currently enrolled in the U.Lab Prescencing MOOC with Otto Scharmer and MIT, she has a love of learning and expressing her creativity through food!

download (9)Grant Soosalu, Co-developer of the newly emerging field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coaching
mBIT is being hailed as a ground-breaking synthesis of the latest research in neurology and cognitive science, and a true advancement of the field of NLP. Grant is an international Author, Trainer, Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach with extensive backgrounds in Organisational Change, Training and Leadership Development. He has advanced degrees and certifications in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Applied Physics and System Development. He is a qualified Total Quality Management (TQM) Trainer, and has achieved Master Practitioner Certification in the behavioural sciences of NLP and Advanced Behavioural Modeling. More recently Grant was awarded a Graduate Coaching Diploma in the newly emerging field of Authentic Happiness Coaching.

Grant will join the mBIT certification from London for a one hour Q&A session on 21st January and will join the two group integration sessions

Find out more about Grant’s work and mBIT at: