Our philosophy with coaching is to support and assist leaders to strengthen their capability to lead, adapt and continue to achieve during the many changes they experience. This is conducted in a safe, confidential and challenging environment with an emphasis on partnership and business success.

Our work in executive coaching focuses on the following areas:

Developing an understanding of the need/opportunity for coaching


  • where the person sees themselves now in relation to this need/opportunity
  • where they want to be and what might it take to get there

Identifying measures of success and formulating or refining goals (personally and professionally) short and long term, to achieve this.

This process maintains a strong behavioural focus – working with tools that allow the person to clearly identify what needs to change and what that looks like in terms of the way in which they work with others.

As a result, the individual:

  • Gains a clear understanding of his/her own individual leadership and learning styles
  • Can utilise specific tools on a daily or as needs basis to assist in areas such as the communication of ideas, vision and goals clearly and concisely, and
  • Gains skills to coach and support other people within the business in the way in which they work and relate to others.

Our self-discovery and Action Learning frameworks ensure that the process needed to achieve the goals and objectives and meet the timelines can continue when the coach is not present. This serves to encourage the client to further his/her own skills of self-reliance, thus reducing dependency on outside consultancy.

The methodology is about challenging the way we currently think, from both a personal and business perspective, whilst creating a trusting and supportive environment. The focus is very much on improving business performance through the application of new thinking, learning and ways of leading and working.

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