About Gillian Starling

Gillian is a marine scientist who provides leadership in the strategic development and implementation of natural resource management and conservation initiatives across a broad range of marine and coastal projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. She was selected to be one of 100 women from across the globe to make up #HB4, the fourth Homeward Bound programs for women working in STEMM. Global Leadership Foundation is proud to be sponsoring Gillian in this endeavour.

Our changing world

When Gayle and Malcolm invited me to write a short reflection six months after returning from Antarctica as part of Homeward Bound, the first thing I did was count the months on my fingers from December 2019 to now. I could not believe it had actually been 6 months! Of course, most of the last [...]

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Local leadership lessons from Antarctica

Twelve months ago I started on a journey – a journey of leadership learning, growth and development. My journey ultimately took me all the way to Antarctica for a 21-day voyage, as part of the largest-ever all-women expedition to the continent. And now, as I reflect on the experience, I realise that my journey has [...]

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Counting down to Antarctica

It has been a year since my first post about my Homeward Bound experience. Now, with just over a month to go until we begin our trip to Antarctica, I have started to picture what it is going to look like when we first approach the Antarctic Peninsula. I am told nothing can really prepare [...]

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On the environment, you can make a difference too

This month we are featuring a new blog post by environmentalist and marine scientist Gillian Starling. Gillian has contributed a number of posts to our website already this year as she takes part in #HB4, the fourth Homeward Bound program for women working in STEMM. Gillian was selected to be one of 100 women from [...]

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The drive for change

I feel very fortunate to have grown up in Kenya. It was experiencing the wonders of Africa as a child that ultimately drove my passion for nature and led me to choose to study marine biology and zoology at university. Not long after graduating, I started to understand some of the many human-created threats to [...]

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Becoming visible

‘To be seen without purpose is vanity’ One of the first topics we are delving into as part of the Homeward Bound project is ‘Visibility’. This is something I have looked forward to. Scientists like me are often behind the scenes, playing our part feeding information to inform policy, for example. One of the things [...]

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Gillian Starling is creating change

Eight years ago I met Gayle and Malcolm in the Solomon Islands on one of Global Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Experiences. It was one of my early introductions to leadership development, and also to the work that Global Leadership Foundation undertakes. More recently, they encouraged me to apply for a place on the Homeward Bound program. The [...]

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