Leadership includes an obligation to individuals, communities, humanity and the planet in order to ensure the sustainability and viability of all concerned. Successful leaders are seen to be those involved and concerned about their impact on others and their ability to “give back” to their communities.

Global Leadership Foundation works with leaders in community and organisations to:

  • develop insight into their potential to collaborate and work with other leaders, which includes understanding their own ability to ‘follow’, as well as the styles and expectations that other leaders bring
  • imagine what is possible when developing sustainable and viable communities, and translate this into tangible community projects.

Our Leadership Experiences are strong examples of our Stewardship. They not only provide leaders with the opportunity to contribute to a significant ecological project and support the sustainable development of the community, but also offer leaders the time to critically and thoughtfully reflect on themselves and their businesses. In particular, these programs help leaders to evolve from practicing present-day leadership into practicing leadership that addresses corporate and social responsibility.

Our aim is to encourage leaders to deepen their community spirit and strengthen their commitment to making a difference in the environment in which they live.